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The difference between AdWords & AdWords Express

The difference between AdWords & AdWords Express

AdWords Express vs AdWords What is your Google Search Strategy?   Why you need a proper Google Search Strategy Google...
Email protocols

You’ve got mail…and email options

Emails have become an essential part of our everyday communication. Did you know that 269 billion emails are sent daily?...
Is social media important?

Does social matter?

You’ve heard the terminology: Facebook, content marketing, Twitter, like, follow, tweet, post, blog...all one big blur. Should you take notice...
Azapi new team member

New Team Member

It is so important to get the right people for your team. This needs to be somebody that comes with...
Easy to use

Introducing easy to use, easy to manage support packages

Suppliers should make your life easier. Right? And that is exactly what we aim to do. Support comes in many...

2017 – Azapi on its way to Simplify and Grow

"The only constant is change." Heraclitus, Greek philosopher. Over the last few years new trends in the online marketing sphere kicked...
Daily back-ups included

Is your website backed-up? Yes!

As of 1 March, backups are part of your hosting service. We continuously strive to raise the bar of our...
Azapi Teambuilding

Team building: Exploring new adventures

Every now and again our hardworking team needs a little time to relax. The first weekend of February was booked...
Azapi New Team Member

New Team Member

We need to adapt, companies grow and required skillsets change. This also allows us to find more awesome talent to...
https secure

Why running your business from a secure site is important

Google and Mozilla are tightening the reigns on insecure websites. Mozilla recently rolled out Firefox 51 to its mainstream user...