Signup - AdWords

    I understand and agree:1. That I will be charged a once-off setup fee per campaign based on my online marketing requirements.2. That I will be charged a minimum management fee per campaign per month.3. Invoice's are sent on the +/-25th of every month and payment is due by the 1st of the next month.4. Click budget can only be loaded once the funds has cleared into Azapi's account. Your campaign will only start running once payment has been received and cleared.5. Monthly budget not used will be carried over to the next month.6. All click budget and management fees are excluding VAT.7. If requested, I will provide feedback on the type of leads, ROI and progress of the campaign to help Azapi further optimize my campaign.8. If I wish to cancel this agreement I will need to give one (1) full month's notice.9. I understand the setup and know-how of these campaign(s), belongs to Azapi. If required Azapi will only export keyword stats on request.10. Azapi will provide no access to the account or campaigns to any 3rd parties. Account cannot be transferred.