5 steps to help you grow your business online

Steps of growth

A reputable online presence is no longer something that can be placed on the back-burner. The way we communication to our customers have changed drastically over the last few years and online possibilities have increased exponentially.

To grow your business online takes some planning. Read our 5 Steps to help you grow your business online.

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Are you ready to go on holiday?

Auto Responder

Summer holidays are upon us and we would like you to be prepared before you go on your well-deserved break. A few things you need to keep in mind this side of the year.

Don’t keep your customers in the dark. Set-up a vacation email message to let them know you will not be able to attend to their request immediately. Inform them of when you will be available again and what they should do in case of an emergency. If you need help with setting this up please let us know in advance. The message can be set-up to activate on a specific date.

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Monthly Statistics Report updated to show your leads

Statistics Report

The stats report now shows you where the leads from your site are generated from.

As a business owner it is important for you to understand how your clients communicate with you. In an effort to assist you with this challenge we adapted our monthly statistics report. Under the heading “Top lead sources on your website” you will now see the most effective leads from all active online forms, newsletter signups, enquiries from e-commerce systems and product systems. The report will give you the page name, how many enquiries were received and what percentage the enquiries from that page were.

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Curious about user behaviour on your website?

Call to action

Your site should not merely be an online brochure – it should be an opportunity to understand your clientbase better. One of these measures will be to know how your clients interact with your website as this will increase your site’s effectiveness as a lead generation and selling tool.

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Do you need some time and help to review your website content and design?

content and design updates

We understand the importance of updated content and a visually appealing site. That’s why we include an hour in your monthly business package to be used for content and image updates as well as support. Should your site need a bit more attention and you want to follow a staggered re-design approach oppose to a complete overhaul, please talk to us and we will work out a plan that will best benefit you.  A staggered approach will be less daunting as you will be dealing will smaller chunks at a time, in comparison to the whole elephant looking down at you.

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Refer a business: Free online presence review

Warm Heart

During these cold winter months we would like to help you, show a business that you care about them. We are making our time and skills available for you to give away.

Our Business Package clients are always welcome to ask for assistance with their online presence, content updates to the website, advice on AdWords, or perhaps even a revisit of their entire online strategy.

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Response time: Why this online metric matters

Time to reply

Time matters in more ways than one to your business. The average lifespan of an online lead is only 5 minutes and you can increase your contact rates by 900% simply by bringing your response time down from over 60 minutes to under 5 minutes.

According to the Harvard Business Review 78% of business goes to the first responder.

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Three thoughts to excel in your marketing efforts

Marketing Efforts

Picking the fruits of your marketing efforts can be very rewarding for your business, but planting the tree that produces those fruit and making sure it flourishes can be a painful exercise. We’ve come up with three – thought-provoking exercises that will help you pick those juicy mangos.

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Grow Your Business Faster With Content Marketing

Content Design

Marketing is Changing… a Lot.

In fact, online marketing has been transformed over the last couple of years. But one thing remains constant – content is still king. Yes, responsive design, search engine optimisation and social media are essential for marketing your business online. But unless the content you use to connect with your customers is properly optimised your efforts (and your investment) in online marketing could be largely wasted.

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