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Setup Windows Phone 7 and 8

Note: We recommend turning off wi-fi on your device before proceeding. 

1. Open the Settings app  

2. Select Email & Accounts 

3. Select Add an Account 

4. Select Outlook 

5. Enter your email address and password then click Sign In 

6. Be sure to select the types of data you want to sync and click "Done." 

7. Note, there will be a pause while the phone tries to auto-configure, you'll then see a "We couldn't find your settings..." error. Click Advanced if/when this happens. 

8. In the next screen enter your Email Address in the User Name field.

9. Enter the server in the Server field.

10. Although Domain should be left blank – WP7 won’t enable the Sign-In Button unless some value is in that field. So enter any word as just a placeholder. 

11. Click Sign In again and you phone should begin syncing. 

Note: The default account name is Outlook but this can be changed in the Settings App, under Email + Accounts. Simply select the account and type your preferred account name.

Note: MobileSync will not sync pre-existing Contacts or Calendar items from your device up into Webmail. You will need to either import the Contacts or Calendar items directly into Webmail or recreate them in Webmail.