How to increase productivity over the winter months?

Winter Productivity

Traditionally winter is seen as a quieter time. The beaches run empty and less people frequent their favourite restaurants. Business, in general slows down. This, however, is no reason to be less productive. In fact, make use of this time to ensure your systems are working the way they should in order to optimise your business lead activity.

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Refer a business: Free online presence review

Warm Heart

During these cold winter months we would like to help you, show a business that you care about them. We are making our time and skills available for you to give away.

Our Business Package clients are always welcome to ask for assistance with their online presence, content updates to the website, advice on AdWords, or perhaps even a revisit of their entire online strategy.

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Response time: Why this online metric matters?

Time to reply

Time matters in more ways than one to your business. The average lifespan of an online lead is only 5 minutes and you can increase your contact rates by 900% simply by bringing your response time down from over 60 minutes to under 5 minutes.

According to the Harvard Business Review 78% of business goes to the first responder.

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