Connecting the dots

Morse Code S.O.S

Creating a strong online presence has become fundamental to any business. This can be as elementary as making use of one social media platform or involve several mediums, such as a website with an e-commerce system, Google AdWords, an extensive social media strategy on multiple platforms and many more. Whether you choose a simplistic or more complicated route, you will need the right skills, systems and experience to achieve the desired results.

As a business owner, you need to focus on building your company. Your time should not be consumed by trying to figure out how to use the web to your advantage. Rather partner with a supplier who will add value to your company. A partner that will connect the dots between your company, its goals, target audience, your products and services and your web presence.

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W3 in 1994: the year of new beginnings

World Wide Web

Once upon a time long, long ago we sent and received important documents using an odd creature who sometimes ate the paper we fed him and were always sending distress signals everywhere. Those were the days of the almighty fax. How this wonderful invention helped us to be more productive!

A few years later the World Wide Web and subsequently email entered the scene. Many still remember the scratching modem connecting sound and arguments with family members that then picked up the phone. Then, companies did not have a dedicated domain name and employees did not have email.

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