Month: March 2015

Jacobus Van Niekerk

a Director’s Word – Jacobus van Niekerk

A new financial year dawned upon us and for 2015 I would like to start-off with this quote from Muhammed Ali: “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” 

I would also like add my own quote, which is a company principle we strive to adhere to on a daily basis: “Let’s not wait for tomorrow – act today!” This being an absolute truth when we live in the NOW, especially the INTERNET “NOW”. We most certainly have to plan for tomorrow, but it’s today’s actions that seal the deal for tomorrow. 

Online trends 2015

Website trends for 2015

As human beings we have exhibited the need to look into the future since the beginning of time. This is no longer so difficult. We combed through a few of this year’s website trend predictions, added our own experience and share these with you. 

Many of these predictions are already unfolding, mostly because these trends enhance the user’s experience. Show you care about your consumer by rewarding them with quality in every aspect your business. 

Love social media

Our love for social media

How, do I love thee, let me count the ways…I post to you on Facebook, I tweet to your heart’s content, I write to you on my  blog, tell you great stories and show you beautiful photographs.

The way people communicate has changed dramatically. Research studies estimate that every person receives an exorbitant number of up to 20,000 marketing messages per day. No longer does it help to shout the loudest or the most often.