What is jQuery, and what does it mean to website owners

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jQuery is a cross-platform Javascript library that makes it easier to write client-side javascript. Huh?

Here’s a short overview of what jQuery is and how it can improve the experience your website customers have when visiting your website.

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Service design: why business owners should care

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Service design has been around for many years, and to a certain extent a lot of business owners do it, but have you stopped for a moment to think about fixing bad service experiences in your organisation?

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Authentic Online Communication – the moral fibre of your business success

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What makes your business irresistible?              

A carefully planned client meeting with relevant research and striking presentations would probably have landed you some business time after time in the past.  If you’re in retail a couple of product ads in the local paper or a customer discount every first Saturday of the month might have also done the trick.

The reality is that we are living in an entrepreneurial society and the next person you meet online could also be your next customer.  

So, will you be able to sell your business in 3 seconds in an online environment?

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Get more consistent traffic to your website – diversify!


You’ve spent all that time and money developing, what you think is an amazing website, but you’re not number one in Googles’ search results when someone searches for your product.  Here’s what to do…

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